Engine Diagnostics

The engine performance and diagnostics is a key to keeping your car in a good condition.
Vehicles today are sophisticated and complex. While adhering to a routine maintenance schedule can help you keep your car’s performance in top shape, engine performance and diagnostics take it one step further, providing vehicle with a complete examination of its engine systems. Most of the vehicles are outfitted with an on board computer system that control major components like the fuel injectors, spark plugs, the steering system etc. If a problem occurs with engine, the “check engine light” may pop on or flashing that means it’s time to bring the vehicle at Car Tech Tires for an engine diagnostic. At Car Tech Tires, we have the latest equipments to diagnose everything from Ignition systems, Fuel supply and delivery systems, Anti-lock braking systems,Air bag systems, Emission systems (e.g. Oxygen sensors) and Check Engine Light.