Brake Repair

Brake repair is extremely important make sure your safety. Brake fluid brings the capability for brakes to stop the car. If the brakes are producing unusual noise like squealing sound or vibrations during braking, that may be an indication for the vehicle to have break repair that you require brake repair service. Most common repair job for automotive break systems is the replacement of Brake pad.The reason of brakes worn away is that the pads rub on the brake disk to stop the car. However, pads are the first component to inspect if the vehicle faces any braking problems. Brake pads are not only single cause of brake fail, there are many other objects to be inspected as well.Upon request, Car Tech Tires technicians will check the brake fluid levels at the time, vehicle getting oil changed. We will inspect your brake pads, drums, calipers, rotors, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and emergency brake system to make sure that all are in sound working condition, If the customer requests to have them inspected.