Axle and CV & Joint Repair

The Axle, CV joint (inner and outer), boot and drive shaft are the major components of a vehicle to drive it. Basically Axle is the main constituent of this system which facilitates the wheels of vehicle to rotate and also abides the load of the vehicle. CV joint shifts the power towhees through drive shaft at constant rotational velocity. Front-wheel drive vehicles contain the CV joints always. As all the components worn out with time, though these parts of vehicle need maintenance or replacement after a time period. There are some signs which indicate the need of repairing or replacement services. On a turn, if the loud crashing noise is produced, it can mean that axles are in awful form and need replacement. Vibration of vehicle during drive shows the enervated drive shaft. CV joint and boot require services if grease found on the inner edges of tires and this is the common cause to the malfunction of axle. Due to ragged boots, grease will leak out and CV joint will not find lubricated, dirt will penetrate the CV joint and the axle will be damaged.